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News from Faraday. Trouble gettings your FPGA’s?? Ever think of an ASIC Solution

 News from Faraday. Trouble gettings your FPGA’s?? Ever think of an ASIC Solution. See below, and attachment.

As you know FPGAs have become one of the “hard to get” components due to the long lead times that are impacting customers. We are seeing many opportunities to migrate customers’ FPGA to an ASIC and an SOC solution. We haven’t seen this type of activity on FPGA conversions for many years.

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Faraday Technology Corporation is a provider of SoC/ASIC solutions.  Originating from UMC, one of the world’s largest semiconductor fabricators, Faraday can offer exceptional pricing and priority at their fabs as well as access to an extensive library of IP.  Faraday offers the ability to create a highly integrated solution for medium to high volume customers.  This integration has many benefits including significant power reduction and the protection of proprietary designs.

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