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News from Faraday. Trouble gettings your FPGA’s?? Ever think of an ASIC Solution

 News from Faraday. Trouble gettings your FPGA’s?? Ever think of an ASIC Solution. See below, and attachment. As you know FPGAs have become one of the “hard to get” components due to the long lead times that are impacting customers. We are seeing many opportunities to migrate customers’ FPGA to an ASIC and an SOC […]

WeEn Global Webinar on December 9th, 2021

Silicon Carbide (SiC) is a semiconductor material widely used for the production of medium to high voltage power semiconductor components. Material properties like wide band-gap and high thermal conductivity lead to many benefits in the application.

A Word From E-LINE by DIRAK

Since the pandemic began, many technological advancements have been made to aid patients and doctors in administering and receiving care remotely. Video visits, digital health passports, and message boards that update with…

A Word From PIC GmbH / PIC Group

It’s time to celebrate – we have been creating #switchingthesmartway #Reed #Switch and #Sensor solutions since 1976! And the best is yet to come: We are in better shape than ever to continue being your trusted partner for individual sensor technology…

A Word From WeEn Semiconductors

WeEn Semiconductors will join the Power Electronics Application Forum on September 9th in PCIM Asia 2021. We will have Ms. Ella Zhang, a senior application engineer, share her expertise on WeEn Gen5 FRD…